Monster Poop
Monster Poop
A picture book about monsters pooping!

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"Our family loves Monster Poop! The illustrations are hilarious, and fit the subject matter perfectly without being gross or too graphic. Sure to be a toilet-training classic!"

Maya Rose
Houston, TX

"Monster Poop is rad. The kids LOVE the poop talk - I love the art and cleverness."

Rebecca Teague-Jenkins
Photographer / Mother - Woodacre, CA

"I read Monster Poop to my pre-school class of fifteen 3-5 year olds. As soon as I finished the book, first one, then another and suddenly all of them were chanting: 'Read it eight more times, read it eight more times!' I read it three times and then put it on a table. Everyone immediately gathered around to point out their favorite monster."

Miss Molly Rain
Caregiver / Knitter - Berkeley, CA